Big Island GPU

New competition is arriving in the GPU market with the release of a new GPU from Chinese company Shanghai Tianshu Zhixin Semiconductor. Called the Big Island GPU (BI), it’s actually on the same level as similar Nvidia and AMD products in terms of performance and power.

However, the new Chinese GPU is currently only be used for enterprise applications meaning it’s not for gaming. It’s not clear if the Big Island GPU has the other needed features for gaming but it’s possible Shanghai Tianshu Zhixin are looking into this area as well. A gaming GPU also need other in-built features such as render outputs and pixel processing capabilities. Without them, the BI GPU will remain exclusive to data centers and other enterprise applications.

While it might not be competition for the gaming market, the new Chinese GPU is ultra-complex and matches both Nvidia and AMD in regards to performance. This is big news for the industry since all major GPU manufactures also sell non-gaming cards. So while gamers might not see any changes for some time, there could be knock-on effects within the business sector if more enterprises adopt the new Chinese GPU dubbed the Big Island GPU.

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