Intel will be releasing new 10nm Alder Lake CPU’s later this year

Intel has recently confirmed production of a new Intel Alder Lake CPU which will be coming later this year in addition to other new chips. The latest one to be announced  is based on a radical new hybrid architecture which will mean great things for mobile devices and desktop PCs.

The new line of Intel CPUs will include a variety of new architectural improvements which should increase the power and capabilities of future tablets and notebooks that incorporate it. This Intel CPU won’t just be their first full range of 10nm processors, it’s introducing the new radical hybrid architecture to the world. It’s somewhat similar to the big.LITTLE ARM-based chips seen in smartphones however, there are notable improvements.

With better performance and more efficient cores, the upcoming 10nm Intel Alder Lake CPU combines the best of both worlds. Hybrid architecture is common in smartphones and mobile devices however, it’s not commonly seen in mainsteam PCs.

Intel clearly has high hopes for their upcoming CPU’s and more news on the Intel Alder Lake CPU will be coming later this year.

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