IO Interactive Announces a James Bond Game


Developer IO Interactive bought their freedom from Square Enix in 2017 and took the Hitman IP with them. There have been questions over the past few years about what else the developer would be doing and the company has given us some insight.

Teaser Trailer:

The developer has announced a new project called Project 007 and the game is about exactly what the name suggests. Project 007 is a James Bond game and the teaser trailer shows the classic gun chamber opening sequence that’s become an icon for the Bond movie series. The trailer didn’t provide about what we can expect from the game.

Project 007 already has a website ( which states players will be playing as the most well-known spy in the world in a James Bond game. It also announces that Project 007 will reveal the origin story of James Bond as he earns his 00 status.

We can expect to receive more information about the upcoming James Bond game later this year and into the next year also. There is no release date or period for this game and since the Project 007 title is a holding name, we can expect the untitled James Bond game to be given an official name at a later date too.


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