WoW Game Designer Quits After 13 Years Due to the State of the Game


Chris Kaleiki has been working on the World of Warcraft over the past 13 years as a Game Designer and even has two characters and items named after him. A lot of his time was spent on the PvP side to the game, class design (especially for the Monk) and the Ashran Zone among other areas. This year however, Kaleiki left Blizzard and World of Warcraft.

In a video posted to YouTube (, Chris Kaleiki explains the reason why he left the team. “For a while now, probably too long, I’ve just been unhappy with the state of the game,” he says and mentioning that WoW Classic was a part of his decision to leave. He commented that the Guild’s in WoW Classic “can feel really restrictive at times” due to the forced necessity of the system that creates an “Interdependence” between players.

There were many other reasons why he chose to leave the World of Warcraft team. However, it centres around him being no longer able to agree with the direction of the game and the disconnect between Classic and modern visions.


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